Food, Games, Music, and Fun

The food ranges from simple hot dogs to white linen private chefs

The drinks range from Hottie Totties and cold beers to kegs of Fireball

The games range from cornhole and beer pong to actual football games among the fans

The music depends on what campus you are on, but it's always upbeat and fun

That is the best way we can describe tailgating at college football games.
Memories That Last Forever

Tailgating is for the whole family. From the kids to the grandparents, everyone can enjoy tailgating. Something simple like throwing a ball around with your kids or grandkids can start new traditions or become favorite memories.

Grilling hot dogs in the snow or sharing watermelon in the heat, food always makes a lasting impression.

Tailgating is one of the rare places where neighbors openly share food and drinks with complete strangers. "Next week you bring burgers, we'll bring hot dogs." "We'll make the family gumbo recipe, you bring more of that pasta salad." Tailgating Parties are the friendliest atmospheres

The People

Thousands of fans show up at places like Notre Dame, Florida, or Georgia just to tailgate. If there are 90,000 people inside the stadium there might be another 30,000 fans there just to tailgate.

People prep all week for Tailgating. Some of the best barbecue or gumbo in the word can be found at tailgates.

The creativity is amazing. From blow up mascots and tents to pickup trucks filled with inflatable pools and ambulances renovated to hold big screen TVs and serve jello shots. Tailgating brings out the finest in everyone

The Food

We're going to default to the old phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words." The food at college football tailgates is amazing. The variety is incredible.

We said people prep all week for Tailgating. A lot of that time is food and beverage prep.

We were not kidding about ambulances renovated to hold big screen TVs and serve jello shots. We personally witnessed at Notre Dame Stadium

The Games

Tailgating is one of the few times when age or physical fitness does not play a significant factor in how well you can play games. The college students definitely have more practice at beer pong than the middle aged football fans, but for one afternoon everyone plays together.

Not all games require alcohol. Cornhole is a staple of all college football tailgates. People of all ages and skills can enjoy tossing the bags.

What do you think is the best tailgating game to play?

  1. Cornhole

  2. Frisbee

  3. Playing catch/ playing football

  4. Beer Pong

  5. Flip Cup