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Everything from hot dogs to white linen tables and catered chefs


There are too many to list them all, but we share a mix of the well known and lesser known traditions

Our goal is to share all of the excitement, passion, and tradition of college football. See what it's like to "Jump Around" with 80,000 people in Wisconsin. Experience a "White Out" at Penn State. Sing a "different" version of Dixieland Delight with 100,000 people in Alabama. Check out the amazing tailgating all over the country. Maybe learn about some lesser known traditions.


Fans wait all year for these games. Coaches get fired over these games. Families are split over these games (that is not a joke) The passion behind college football is amazing

Georgia vs Florida

October, 2024

Michigan vs Ohio State

November 2024

Alabama vs Auburn

November 2024

Army vs Navy

December 2024

Coming Up...

October, 2024

Texas vs Oklahoma

A Perfect College Football Experience

Here is an example of a perfect day at a college football game. This is why we made this site. This experience was at The University f Florida. Millions of people have similar experiences all over the country every Saturday in the fall.

Start The Day: In our case, we had a two hour drive to the stadium. Do not feel like you have to stay in town to attend a game. We recommend packing a cooler with drinks and snacks, but that's not necessary. Plan on doing a lot of walking. Wear something comfortable. This is Florida so apply sun screen before leaving the car.

Walk around campus. This is one of our favorite activities before the game. Show up early and take in the scenery.

Special recognition to The University of Florida for taking care of the police and supporting Veterans. Food was provided to the police working the game. The themed t-shirts support a Veterans non-profit organization

Gator Walk: Fans line up to watch the coaches and team enter the stadium. At Florida this is called "The Gator Walk." Most schools have a similar event. The cheerleaders, band, and fans form a tunnel for the players and coaches to walk through. The cheerleaders and band keep the crowd energetic. the players and coaches are focused on the game but still took time to shake a few hands on the way into the stadium. Most schools have a similar event and it is a great experience for the fans.

Tailgating: Today we spent more time walking around the campus than tailgating. That's another lovely feature on campus. You do not have to tailgate to have a good time before the game. there are plenty of other activities on campus before the game. Most schools have some sort of fan zone where vendors and sponsors have free games and giveaways. Often times there is live music nearby on campus. We recommend tailgating if you have the opportunity, but that is certainly not necessary. If you are tailgating, you'll want to make sure you parked in a lot with tailgating or walk over to the tailgating lots. We have an entire page dedicated to tailgating to demonstrate how elaborate that scene can get.

Inside The Stadium: There are plenty of food options. One of our personal favorite activities at the stadium is eating. The fans were all friendly and definitely knew when to get loud to support the home team. The team entrance is exciting with music and fireworks as the run onto the field through the tunnel of marching band members and cheerleaders. Again, every stadium has a similar activity. Some schools like Virginia Tech, South Carolina, and Clemson have such an awesome entrance, its almost worth the ticket just to see the entrance.

Traditions: Many schools have traditions during the game. Florida has several traditions. Before the game, someone has the honor of leading the "2 Bits" cheer for the whole stadium. At the end of the third quarter the crowd sings "We Are The Boys" and everyone puts their arms around their neighbors and sways back and forth. A fairly new tradition takes place immediately after "We Are the Boys." In honor of Florida native Tom Petty, the stadium plays his hit song "I Won't Back Down." It is an incredible experience to be part of 90,000 people singing I Won't Back Down. All throughout the game the band plays "The Gator Chomp" and fans do the Gator Chomp

Leaving The Game: Plan on walking slowly and be a little bit crowded for a few minutes. Most major schools are used to accommodating large crowds. There is public transportation available to the parking lots. Once you are back to your car, most schools have the traffic designed to help the large crowd leave easily. Gainesville had the major streets leaving the parking lots with all lanes exiting the stadium. This made traffic so easy to navigate. It was much faster leaving the stadium than expected.

This was just one experience on one campus. Every Saturday in the fall hundreds of stadiums across the country host thousands of fans to enjoy a fantastic day. We love the game of football and enjoy the game itself, but loving football is not required to have fun at a game. There is so much going on, you can have a great time even if you do not care about the game.

Parking: Do a little research ahead of time to know what your options are. Most schools reserve the closer lots for special tickets or Booster Clubs. Most campuses have attendants at these lots to let you know if you cannot park there. There will be plenty of price ranges based on how close to the stadium you are. You might even find some free options. Most schools provide shuttles to the stadium from the parking lots. we recommend using the shuttles. The lines might seem long but they run plenty of shuttles so they move people quickly.

During The Game The stadium did a wonderful job keeping everyone entertained during down times. the cheerleaders and band kept the crowd energized. The band even played some crowd favorites like the Game of Thrones theme and "Time Warp" from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The score board operators also keep the crowd involved with various themes like The Bongo Cam. They put bongo drums on the bottom of the jumbotron and everyone in the crowd acts like they are beating the drums with their hands. Fans get to be on the jumbotron for everyone to see.

Many schools and stadiums have similar traditions. We have a page dedicated to sharing some of the more popular traditions and a few lesser known traditions as well. Wisconsin probably has the most popular end of the 3rd quarter tradition when they play "Jump Around" by House of Pain and what used to be just the student section has morphed into the entire stadium jumping up and down during the song. This tradition has become so important the freshman class actually practices this in the stadium. Alabama plays the song "Dixieland Delight" by Alabama and the crowd has their own version of the lyrics.

Gator Chomp

Gator Walk

There are plenty of game day activities at the major schools. At historic schools like Notre Dame, go see all of the statues, go see Touch Down Jesus and The Golden Dome. At Florida, we enjoyed exploring the beautiful campus. Be sure to visit the fan area, win some free merchandise, and visit the gift shop or bookstore.

Purchase the right color shirt to blend in with the crowd theme. This week was a "Blackout."

Did You Know...The University of Washington's Husky Stadium has the record for the loudest stadium ever. In 1992 Husky Stadium registered 137.6 decibels in a game vs Nebraska

A Few Examples...

These are just a few samples of the passionate fanbase, amazing tailgating, traditions, and rivalries in college football.

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