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Who We Are

Our contributors are students, former players, former coaches, and most importantly, we are all HUGE FANS of college football. We love the game, we love the atmosphere, we want to share all of the great things about college football with everyone.

Our Mission

We're on a mission to share everything that makes college football so great. We want everyone to know about the lesser known traditions, big schools and small schools. we want everyone to feel the excitement in the stadium, and see how much is going on outside the stadium at the tailgate parties.

Our Vision

Our vision is to upload new content every week and make this site interactive and engaging for fans of all levels. We want to encourage debates for the most passionate fans, we want to introduce brand new fans to college football, and everything in between.

Help Us Out

We cannot possibly attend every game, every tailgate, see every venue. Share your pictures, videos, and stories and help fans plan which games the need to see in the future

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